A Town So Beautiful That It Banned Photography in Order To Keep Other From Being Sad

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Bergün is a little village situated in canton of Graubünden, Switzerland. The village is a small town, but Oh, so beautiful, touching the foot of beautiful hills that provide a magnificent view of the mountains far bigger, the beautiful architecture and artistic paint on the little houses, huge fields of flowers, with a climate having just the perfect combination of mild sun with clouds. The town is deemed so beautiful by the authorities that a friendly photography ban is issued for the tourists.

Bergün has gained quite some attention globally in recent days, people suggest that it is because of the photography ban. The town literally has a sign installed that requests tourists to not share the pictures of this town on the social media. The sign says that pictures of the town shared on social media will make people sad that they themselves could not be there.

It’s not that the mayor has any issues with beautiful images being leaked on the internet, perhaps it is the goodness of the hearts of locals of Bergün that has resulted in a ban. The town also provides a “social permit” for free if you are a shutter bug and you just can’t keep from snapping the photos of the town. Of course, the ban can’t stop people from sharing the images, but the locals of the town urge such tourists to think about others for a second.

Author Mary Wright