How to Make a Cheap Trip to Iceland’s Ring Road

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There is no explaining this one, sometimes you just don’t want to travel at high season when all the places cost double their prices and even the transport reaps the full benefits of the city’s beauty that has attracted so many tourists. Sometimes it’s about having a great time with you friends in a quiet and lovely environment of a stunningly beautiful place. Here are some tips for you to save a whole lot of money on a trip to Iceland’s Ring Road.

Travel in Autumn:

Autumn is the low season of Iceland and prices for important need like accommodation and rental cars are almost half the price that they are during the season. Not that the enjoyment is also half during the Autumn, no. Many areas of Iceland will be less-crowded and peaceful. The green ground you are so used to of seeing turns all orange, red, and yellow in Iceland during the Autumn. You will get balanced amount of daylight and night time, also, there is a greater chance of seeing the northern lights during the Autumn.

Make your own food:

By doing this, you won’t be enjoying five-start food from that is served in the restaurant, but even if you are a really, really terrible cook, you can easily make sandwiches or sook up noodles, or kebabs, etc. Cooking yourself on the trip will help you save a lot of money as food items in Iceland are famous for being expensive. (and tasty too though, but we are saving money, remember?)

Author Mary Wright